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About us

We are a play-to-earn guild that aims to support homegrown talent and boost their capabilities of competing in the local and global eSports scene. 

Our pro teams consist of competitive players with top-notch skills and immense passion for gaming. We excel in play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity,, Bombcrypto, Cryptoblades, Cometh, Pegaxy, Yulgang etc. 

Together with our partners, we want to create a legacy in the metaverse and offer a high-yield investment option by maintaining a portfolio of games.

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Competitive Achievements

"Kakacomputer mo yan!"

We're on a mission to remove the stigma of this statement. We want to prove that playing can not only be just for enjoyment and stress relief, but that it is a legitimate and respectable source of livelihood as well.